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Grüne Energie Turbinen

The Hydrogen-Power-t-X Solution:

We power your hydrogen based 


The grand challenge of moving forward to achieve Global Sustainable Development Goals and fighting Climate Change with cohearant actions brings us to the one-turn-mission for crucial sectors of industry, transportation, housing and electricity. The Green Deal will be next.

Let's begin to transform our Net-Zero-Carbon society based one the universe' most magnifying resource: hydrogen. 

hyfuels Mission: The hydrogen ecosystem 

Our corporates mission is to bring green-hydrogen-fuels to European customer's needs: We provide as EPC our customers with P2X-infrastructure for Green Hydrogen production from the whole value-chain perspective of installation of renewable-energy sources (PV,Wind, Water), engineering and installation electrolysis capacity (On-Site/containerized), operation of facility and hydrogen-storage-management (trailer, tubes, pipeline) to distribution (reselling, power-purchase-agreements) up to building and providing applications on property-heating (fuel cells, stationary power backup) and hydrogen-based fleet-management (vehicles, trucks, public transport).

It's no longer a question of technology default: it's about an efficient system integration and effective use-case-development.


Your hyfuels ecosystem project:

With hyfuels you partner at highest industrial standards to start your Net-Zero journey in the hydrogen society. Please feel free to contact us for further information: 

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